About This Blog’s Author and Penomet Premium Pump

PenometPremiumPump.Wordpress.com is an extension blog by Leo Hanson(that’s me). I do blogging for the past 2 to 3 years. I’ve started as a pseudowriter working for various online marketers who hired people from Elance, and even on Fiverr. The Penomet penile enhancement pump inspired me when one of my previous clients gave a job to do research about it and write an article surrouding the product. While I was doing my research back in late 2012, which was also the time when Penomet was launched, it picked up my interest on it…in short, I was pretty much intrigued by it and I came to know Bathmate and SizeGenetics later on.

So, I completed the job and then such thing(Penomet) still lingers my mind  and ask myself “what if I’m going to use it?” And I don’t know, out of curiousity, I did ordered a Premium version of the Penomet and days later it arrived in tact in a brown box. At that time, I wasn’t thinking much of turning my experience into a blog, but I realized lately, why not?

To learn more details about this amazing pump, you can visit my official blog at PenometPumpReview.com wherein I detailed whether it’s worth the money and hassles of going through all those routines, or not.

However, let me be upfront first, this thing is not for everyone. In fact, a lot of people tend to shy away from it especially the subject talking about penis enlargement is hugely linked to spamming. And, it’s true. Even me received a loads of these spam emails on a daily basis, but these spam are simply…SPAM. Majority of them are useless piece of crap promotions even those who made these promotions haven’t tried what they’re promoting. I’ve seen lots of misconceptions a their promotions linking penis enlargement and male enhancement as one big similar thing. However, the truth is simply the opposite, although first impression they are similar.

Fortunately, I haven’t seen Penomet or Bathmate hydro penile pumps promoted in emails…Thanks to their respective owners/company who don’t allow it or otherwise these spammers won’t get their commissions if reported.

Now, I’ll be upfront with you who read this content… I do get commissions when a transaction is done or in short when someone buy Penomet pump from my website, I get a commission. Well, that’s good for me, right? Yes, it is…indeed. However, I also realized that in order to be fair, it’s my job as a blogger who promote something to tell the truth behind the product whether it’s worth it, or otherwise crap. I won’t go over the details here as I’ve already done it at my Penomet premium pump blog, so if you want to learn more, I highly recommend you visit it.

I know there have been hundreds or even thousands of reviews regarding the Penomet online, but why bother creating one? Well, I’ve asked that myself, too and during my time of research about the product, I saw and read the same thing over and over without real experience from these marketers who haven’t used it. Of course, there is always an exception to those guys at MOS(mattersofsize.com), PEGym.com, and Thundersplace.org as these guys are hardcore or majority of them are dedicated to penis enlargement. In fact, if my blog does not suffice the information you’re looking for, these resources are great to go including the newly rising one at maleenhancementpr.com that also provided a great and detailed review about Penomet.

Also, I’m gonna be including some videos in this article from people who have reviewed the Penomet pump as their choice. You can get mixed opinions about about it expecially when compared to the other brand, The Bathmate. If you get into that situation, visit my blog and hopefully, you could get clear answers, and if the information is not enough, I recommended visit the resources I’ve mentioned ealier and even ask questions from those who have real experience with it.



Bathmate and Penomet Comparison Review


Detailing The Penomet About Everything You Should Know


There are just among the hundreds of videos covering the penomet. I can go on for more, but there is no reason to do that as majority of other videos are just plain crap without any details about real experience…simply because they don’t owned one or have used Penomet in real life.

So, if you want more info to make a well-informed decision, click here.

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